Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying Law

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There are many discrepancies with Australia’s Cyberbullying laws that has triggered issues nationwide. Cyberbullying happens across all ages however it is mostly seen with Australia’s youth, where 1 in 5 teenagers have experienced Cyberbullying in their life. Cyberbullying is where a person uses the internet or an electronic device to harass, discriminate, stalk, threats, intimidate, defame or to encourage suicide (Legalaid, 2017). Cyberbullying has become a legal issue as it has resulted in depression within young Australians and in even more serious cases, where the bullying is intense, it has resulted in the receiver committing suicide. Cyberbullying in youth is a difficult situation as it could be difficult to determine an appropriate sentence for juveniles and challenging to decipher the element of intent.
Cyberbullying is an ever-growing issue that occurs daily. A survey was conducted on 80 random teenagers with the topic of Cyberbullying. The survey consisted of 15.19% of the surveyors being between ages14-16, 45.57% of the surveyed were teenagers between the ages of 16 to 18, 27.85% were between the ages of 18 to 20 and 11.39% of the surveyed were above 20. The survey results showed that 88.75% of people knew someone who has experienced cyberbullying and 58.75% have experienced cyberbullying themselves. The survey also stated that 40.51% of the 10-surveyed said that they know someone who has committed suicide based on the influences online. Out of the 58.75% who
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