Persuasive Essay On Dc Heroes

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Just as superheroes fight evildoers, Marvel fights DC. Some say DC is better. After all they’re slightly older, they created Superman and Batman. These are compelling arguments for the supremacy of DC. But the thing is, this battle for supremacy is over before it even began. It’s done and Marvel has won.

DC heroes can’t lose because they were never created to fail. DC movies are horrible. Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad received bad reviews because they were bad movies.There’s a reason DC keeps killing off its own characters, it’s the only way to keep them interesting. Superman’s making fans yawn? Take him down. Batman’s still sulking in the alleyways? Break his spine. Is the Flash slowing down? Make him sacrifice himself for the universe. We will never be able to
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Do they always get along? No. Do they always even like each other? Of course not. But they have to, because the fate of the world is a stake. They have diverse skills and backgrounds, and they have to grudgingly work together for the betterment of humanity. Same goes for the Fantastic Four. What does the Flash do? He runs really fast. Alone. And never really seems bothered by that. The closest DC knows to teamwork is the Justice League. Compared to the X-Men or the Avengers, the Justice League is like a weekend social club.

The loneliest Marvel hero is Spiderman, who is arguably the most DC-like. But amazing as Spiderman is, he’s not an easy-going newspaper reporter (Clark Kent), a spoiled industrialist (Bruce Wayne), a forensics expert (Barry Allen), or the King of Atlantis (Aquaman). Peter Parker is a dorky freelance photographer. He stutters through ordinary conversations. He pines over a sweet girl Superman wouldn’t even notice, unless she had a cat stuck in a tree. Everybody treats Peter like dirt. He’s a normal orphaned nerd with conflicted feelings and a secret life. What could be more human than
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