Persuasive Essay On Deforestation

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Deforestation Imagine that one day you were to wake up to your house being demolished and bulldozed over all while not knowing why. You’d be pretty upset that your home that you live in is gone, right ? Well this happens to many animals’ homes everyday. In fact, 38 football fields worth of trees are lost every minute due to deforestation. At that rate, 21 million acres of forest, which is roughly the size of Panama, will be lost each year. Which impacts earth's animals in a very big way considering almost all of Earth's plants and land animals live in forests, and many cannot survive the deforestation that destroys their homes. So why do we keep doing it? Deforestation is still happening in today's world because we are constantly clearing trees to make room for building new structures, providing timber, land for agriculture and a little bit of fuel. Now we come to the question of, is it really worth it? Deforestation is something that has been happening since humans first walked the earth. However, it has gotten much worse and happens on a much larger scale now days. With it happening on that much larger scale comes even bigger problems in our ecosystem. When people hear deforestation they think it isn’t that big of a problem. However deforestation has caused some pretty big problems such as destroying animals habitats. For example 25% of the organisms that fight against cancer live in the rainforest and are losing their homes to deforestation every day. Loss of animals habitats isn’t the only problem that deforestation has brought to this world. Deforestation plays a big role in global warming. It may come as a shock to you but deforestation in tropical rainforests actually adds more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than every motor vehicle(cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles) on the world's roads. The biggest reason that cutting down trees is so bad for the earth and its climate is that when the trees are cut down for lumber the carbon they are storing into the air is released into our atmosphere. Once it is in our atmosphere it then mixes with greenhouse gases from other sources therefore contributing to global warming. Another direct consequence of deforestation is an increase in the erosion of

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