Persuasive Essay On Disobedience

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Disobedience a failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority. What we make of this is what determines who we are and what we chose to do. You can listen to what you are told to do, or you can disobey. To follow you may be following blindly, without a cause, without an idea in you mind at all. You don't know what other options you could've went with, you are following blindly. Unable to see, unable to figure anything truly out, you are a mindless being conforming to whatever is 'good'. You do what media tells you to do, you follow whatever order you are given, but all you are is a mindless human. Or you can break the control over your mind and take it upon yourself to defeat this, to defeat this order. To fight, to rebel, to resistance what the man tells you to do. When you disobey is when you are truly living, and when you truly live you can't go back to being dead once more. There has been many figures who showed rebellious actions. Some not so kind, when you look at what is known as the Black Lives Matter, you will see acts of violence, acts so cruel and harsh that it does not seem like you are even capable of overcoming these harsh acts. Or when you look at the Women's March, they attacked Starbucks, and other shops that did nothing wrong, as an act of 'rebellious' or an act of 'showing that women should have rights'. This is not the way to go about, it is not how you win, this is a mess, this is a true disaster. Chaos and terror ripping at every
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