Persuasive Essay On Dogs

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Plato was quoted as saying “[a] dog has the soul of a philosopher” ( ). Plato was one of the most influential philosophers in history, and he agreed that dogs are more than just animals. Dogs have always been extremely popular animals, and for good reason. They are incredibly intelligent, talented, and versatile. Due to these characteristics, dogs are able to adopt many different positions. Dogs can take on many roles in society including household pets, service or therapy dogs, police dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Dogs are a staple in the typical American household. Even the White House has been home to many dogs over the years, as every president since Warren Harding, excluding Donald Trump, has owned a dog ( ). According to a study done by the American Pet Products Association, about 44% of American households have a dog ( ). That is almost half of all American homes. There are types of dog for every household. Golden retrievers are good for families with kids because they are so gentle. Labrador retrievers and other energetic dogs are good for people with active lifestyles. Chihuahuas and other smaller breeds are good for people who prefer to stay inside. The American Kennel Club has an online test to determine what breed of dog would best suit a person’s lifestyle depending on many factors, such as location, activity level, and how many kids live in their home ( ). The test can help people to determine what dog they would most likely want. There is

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