Persuasive Essay On Dogs Vs Cats

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Dogs v.s. Cats Dogs and Cats are two of the most popular pets in the world and there has been a lot of debate about which one is better. Some people like both and some people don’t like either of them. Some people prefer fish or parrots. Either way, they are both still well loved pets that are owned around the earth.

Dogs are usually dependent on humans. They feel more connected to their owners. They also have a better sense of smell than cats. They can have up to 300 million olfactory receptors that detect smell. Dogs have more stamina. They can run 1,100 miles in less than two weeks and in temperatures as low as -40 degrees. Dogs are actually smarter than cats, the average dog can learn up to 165 words which is similar to a two year olds vocabulary. They are faster and can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. Dogs have similar emotions to humans.

Now cats are usually independent from humans. They can be gone for days at a time but usually come back for food. They have good balance. Have you ever heard the saying, “a cat …show more content…

They are both domesticated animals and have been pets for hundreds of years. That means that they are now considered pets. They both smell much better than humans can and use that to their advantage to survive. They are both mammals and predatory animals. They are not carnivores though, because the can eat vegetables but in the wild they would eat meat. They also have fur to keep them warm.

Cats and dogs are very good pets and it's impossible to say which is better scientifically. But some people have their preferences. I am a dog person. I’ve had dogs in my life since I was born. I’ve mostly had large dogs like english mastiffs, but right now I have a mini labradoodle puppy. I also like cats too. My neighbors have friendly cats that I like to pet. Obviously, cats and dogs are both great pets and if you don’t have a pet, of any kind, get one right now.

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