Persuasive Essay On Dress Code

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A football player walks into school. He is wearing a white tank top that shows his toned muscles and a pair of grey shorts that come down to the knees. This young man can walk into school without his outfit being given a second look. A normal girl walks into school shortly after. She is wearing a white tank top that doesn’t show to much but the top of her shoulder and a pair of grey shorts that span to her midthigh. This young lady is stopped at the door of school and is told she is breaking dress code. Both these students where dressed in similar clothing items but the girl was stopped Dress code challenges student’s equality in the school Although dress code is supposed to be gender neutral and connect to all students it seems that somehow girls are still unfairly treated by dress code. Females are told that shorts must be fingertip length and even in some school’s knee length. Girls are told that they must cover their shoulders and that there is to be no cleavage showing. These rules don’t always apply to boys. Boys can wear tank tops and shirts that show their shoulders. Female dress codes are harder to conform to and have stricter rules then males. The rules are pointed more directly to females then to males. School dress codes have an extreme effect on a student’s emotional state. Dress code takes away from a student’s creativity for both male and female students. Although, it is noted that female students carry the burden of dress code closer to their heart. Female

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