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When moving from California to Texas, I was fortunate enough to still be in a great public school system, but I was not lucky enough to escape an excessively strict dress code. While many people in private schools have complete uniforms to implement equality, being confined through a severe dresscode not only impaired my freedom of expression, but also the ability to grow into myself. As an adult, I am expected to make choices for myself, present myself in a certain way, and how important I am depends on how unique I am. Spending some of the most impressionable years of my life in a high school priding itself in a firm dress code, I feel as though it held me back from the experience I needed to be a confident adult. Now that I’m in…show more content…
As young adults, teenagers are also expected to begin taking on responsibilities and are given the freedom to choose things for themselves, yet such a strict dress code inhibits the ability to make the most basic choice of dressing yourself. No one dresses the same every day because no one feels the same everyday. Dressing yourself allows you to express your mood and interests. It is a way to find what style makes you feel most confident, which is something you can carry throughout the rest of your life. It allows you to form connections with others and figure out which people have the same interests as you. Being a teenager is about finding yourself and through dress, you meet friends, build confidence, and express your interests.
This in mind, I think freedom is the ability to express yourself as long as it is within the realms of the law. Humans are unique in the way that we are all significantly different, and our differences is what create medicines, buildings, books, and so much more. We are raised to believe that we are all special, because we are. No one is a copy of someone else. When strict dress codes are implemented, it prevents the formation of these unique gifts and qualities each person has. It prevents connection to others and consequently the ability to share ideas with others of similar interest such as architecture, film ideas, inquiries

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