Persuasive Essay On Dress Code

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“I like the idea that, for one night, I don't look like everyone else” (Condie 19). Distinctiveness, equality, individuality, fairness, someone’s bona fide identity, all etiolated by an ordained school dress code. School dress regulations arrogate our freedom of speech and sexualize women by generating standards that solely target/impact females. Between school uniforms to dress code violations, it affects millions of students. Slowly growing popularity, this problem spotlights exclusively one problem in our world today, a problem in today’s society, a problem that urgently needs to be solved. First and foremost, the main problem is how male’s dress code differs from from female’s dress code. “Guys can sag their pants down to their knees, but god forbid you see my bra strap” (Teenager Post #16538). On many accounts, schools have been more lenient towards guys dress code violation rather than girls dress contravention. On one account there were three dress code violations, two of which were males and the last one was a girl. The boys and girl alike were wearing tank tops that had the same build to them, nevertheless the guys were never punished, only the girl, she was sent home from school discontinuing her education for the day. She was sent home because her outfit was too distracting for the male students during class, but how wasn’t the guys outfits too distracting for the females during class. Showing that a guy's education is “more important” to the school

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