Persuasive Essay On Driverless Cars

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The article, “The Promise of a Post-Driver Life” states, car accidents occur every day, leaving someone seriously injured about every seven-seconds and one dead about every fourteen minutes (Humas). Surprisingly, driverless vehicles are on the rise and people do not know how to react or what to think about them. While the number of accidents on the road has increased over the years. Driverless cars could be a solution to help to mend the problem and help eliminate driver errors. Some people believe we should have driverless vehicles while others say they would be too dangerous. Many people in the United States feel driverless cars can create a decrease in the number of accidents, create a better traffic flow, and create greater mobility for those who cannot drive, while others say it would be too hazardous with possible computer malfunctions, cyber attacks, and relying on algorithms to make ethical decisions. The new idea of having driverless cars everywhere is a recent development in the works. People have dreamed of having driverless cars for years and they are starting to become a reality. At the same time, there is currently semi-driverless cars that require the driver to pay attention and place their hands on the steering wheel to maneuver the car every once in a while. Sooner or later, driverless cars will be introduced to the public road. The current situation is safety on the road. Driverless cars are in mind to help resolve a number of car accidents that occur
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