Persuasive Essay On Drug And Steroids

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In high schools throughout the country, drug and steroid use is skyrocketing. In a recent survey, 35.1% of high school seniors said that they have smoked pot within the past year, nearly 44% of students know someone who sells drugs (The Recovery Village), and 6% of athletes have used steroids; even that number is predicted to be much higher (Global Sports Development). Many of these students are also participating in sports or other activities. Drugs and steroids provide an unfair playing field in high school sports, and in all levels of athletics. Drug use is a pervasive issue in today’s premier leagues of sports, whether it is the Olympics or the NFL. It seems as if not a day goes by where we don’t see a headline about an elite athlete being busted for drug use; why don’t we have the same protocols being used in high school sports? This is why we should have mandatory drug testing for high school athletes. We will begin by discussing why this is currently a problem in our schools, then we will look into the causes of the problem and how we as a society have contributed to it, and finally we will review potential solutions to the problem.
As previously stated, drug use is at an all-time high. Teens and young adults are being exposed to drugs, and they are using these drugs at a much higher rate than ever. This means that there are more players and athletes of all ages participating in sports who are also using drugs. Younger athletes see top-tier, successful players such as Josh Gordon and Wes Welker using these performance-enhancing drugs (Laird), and or other drugs, and want to do the same. They see these men as role models, and want to be like them. Being like them includes making both good and bad decisions. They are willing to take any risk to have the success they see these powerful athletes enjoying.
The main belief among young athletes is that by using drugs (especially performance-enhancing drugs), they will gain a competitive advantage among the competition. However, no matter the purpose, taking steroids or other drugs not prescribed by a physician is illegal and needs to be closely monitored at all levels of athletics. Some people might believe that mandatory drug testing would cause turmoil

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