Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

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Competitive extracurricular activities in both high school and middle school, such as sports, clubs, or teams, have the option of drug testing each students whom want to participate. Though not mandated by the state or even the government, some school districts incorporate drug tests as a part of their clearing process that the student must pass in order to participate. An example of a school district’s concern for their students backfired can be seen through the court case of Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls. In 1998, a school district in Tecumseh, Oklahoma passed the School District adopted the Student Activities Drug Testing Policy (Policy) which “required all middle- and high-school students…to submit urine for drug testing” (Thomas). The reasoning behind the drug test was not to restrict students from activities, but instead prevent students from damaging themselves at a young age by abusing drugs. By incorporating drug tests, the school district believed that it would help detect but also prevent “drug use among its students” (Thomas), but others would disagree. The protocol behind this district’s drug test was that the samples must be collected by a teacher who stood outside of the stall in order to ensure that the student did not tamper with their urine sample. If their results were negative of any type of drug, then they were cleared to compete for the school, but if their results came back positive, then the student would be sent to a drug counselor. Furthermore, the results of the drug were confidential, so the district did not disclose any information to local law enforcement, but instead they would inform the student’s parents. However, if a student had multiple offenses or refused counseling, the student would not be allowed to participate in said extracurricular activity. While the Policy seems straight forward, two students from Tecumseh High School, Lindsay Earls and Daniel James as well as their parents, filed a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 against the school district. They believed that by having mandatory drug tests, it infringed on their Fourth Amendment Right as they were first subjected to a drug test, but then could be asked to take

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