Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

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Recently, there has been a claim that people should be forced to take a drug test before receiving financial assistance from the government. In the United States, some people across the country are failing drug tests. This means that they are tested for having illegal drugs. This is bad for the country because this could lead to death and being arrested. So the government is seeking to make these people have immediate drug tests so they can “crack” this problem open.

In the state of Tennessee, they passed a law to test people for drugs. As stated in Text 2, “Six months after rolling out a controversial law to test people for drugs who are applying for public benefits, only 37 of more than 16,000 applicants have tested positive for
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In Text 3, welfare became more useful and popular to American society. As stated in Text 3, “Welfare is a social contract between the people in need and those providing for them.” (Text 3, lines 21-22). What does welfare have to do with drug tests? Drug tests would ensure that responsibility becomes upheld by those receiving assistance. This gives a connection to welfare and drug tests. A second connection is that people take drug tests in order to meet the standards for jobs or companies. It would also be given because it was the law. There are tons of people who must take drug tests like athletes, colleges, even the military. According to Dr. Pollack of the Substance Abuse Policy Research Program, he quotes, “Psychiatric disorders (most notably depression and PTSD) are more prevalent amongst welfare recipients than drug use, though he also reports that 20% of welfare recipients admit to recent use of illicit drugs,” (Text 3, lines 35-38). Mandatory drug tests could also provide medical care to people who are ill. As stated in Text 3, “Mandatory testing would not only hold welfare recipients to the same standard as everybody else, but it also would perform a critical service as a means of assistance for those suffering from psychiatric disorders, medical disorders, and/or abuse problems,” (Text 3, lines 41-44).

Drug tests are doing very good in the state of Utah. According to the title of Text 4, Utah’s drug testing had saved more than
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