Persuasive Essay On Drug Trafficking

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Within the past ten years, there has been a large increase in the trafficking of drugs. Trafficking in these and other materials is usually distinguished as very high levels of corporation and the existence of powerful society of criminals. While such hobbies had a presence in the past, the pair on the scale and the geographic scope of the modern challenge are revolutionary. The worth of drug trafficking around the world was approximated at $1.3 trillion and it is still growing.
Structured crime and drug trafficking is increasing for concern, and exceptionally trade’s big collision on growth. Drug trade has extremely serious suggestions because of the huge illegal gains it produces: an approximated 322 billion dollars a year. In some drug constructions and transit districts, criminal associations sabotage state authority and the rule of law by causing dis-honesty, come to an understanding, and affecting the legal economy. …show more content…

The eventual question is; how do we possibly stop international drug smuggling and the brutality and dependency that go along with it? There are a couple of advances toward this that government can take. The Global Commission on Drug Policy has proposed that governments legalize certain drugs, in order to lower the want and success of international drug trafficking. Many citizens feel this is a bad idea and that we just have to have need of working harder on law enforcement at all borders. Many still, like many of the countries that are organizing events for this year, have education be the center of education. Should we actually legalize marijuana and different drugs in our countries so that there is no motive to smuggle the drugs in? Should we narrow down on illegal drug trade and spend more time and energy into the war on drugs? We have to come up with a strategy that works and everyone is willing to work with otherwise this war on drugs will never

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