Persuasive Essay On Eating Healthy

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So, you place your last packed box with your belonging into your parent’s car, and are heading off to live, make memories and study, to the campus of your dreams with several hundred or thousands of other college students. You are off to college, making your first significant move into independence. For many college students, going to college is a time in their life where they feel that they have more freedom and opportunity to grow. Unless you are attending a military academy, no one will tell you that you need to eat breakfast, when to wake up, and when to go to bed. No one takes the time to check to see that you are eating breakfast. Mom will not be there to wash your clothes, making you something to eat, or to be constantly reminding you to do your homework. Oh Yeah! Sounds good doesn’t it! Even though, the idea of independence sounds incredible it turns out that for many independence is not what it is said to be. Research states that many college students are not only not eating enough fruits and vegetables; in fact, they are not even eating one serving per day. (Oregon, 1). Because, many college students are slipping into these bad eating choices, college students should be presented with practical approaches to a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy is always a challenge for everybody, but eating healthy is a subject on how you go through it. Many college students going through the same problem of staying healthy. A study done over college students found that 95% do
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