Persuasive Essay On Education In High School

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One day, I attended a high school graduation ceremony. Proud parents and exciting graduates were ready to receive their diplomas and celebrate what they accomplished. The atmosphere was full of emotion, nervous, and some tension. This means the entrance to adulthood has more responsibilities, more challenges such as classes, and time management. For some, like undocumented students, high school graduation is as far as they can get, even if they want to continue their education the barrier of being undocumented does not allow them to qualify for financial assistance or other monetary programs. This may prevent them to pursue higher education. One of the options that will help them is to qualify for In-State tuition in their state they reside. I see this situation every day, students are constantly concern on how they will reach a higher education, if their parents are undocumented too. On another hand, parents are not excluding from this situation, because they blame on themselves for their kids future education. After all, many undocumented immigrant students were brought to the United States when they were little and this is the only country they know, respect, and are proud of. Most of them are ready to go to college and are ready to take the opportunity to do, if it will give to them. I strongly believe on education and everyone has the right to pursue higher education and it should not limit by the legal status or the type of tuition payment, but for the interest of having more young people with higher education. Some studies and statistics show the benefits of in-state tuitions for undocumented students and how does it work in the states were in-state tuition is eligible for them. I know education open doors for those who attend college. Actually, In-state tuition could not just benefit undocumented students, it will also benefit our society and life changes with education. However, there are people that have an opposite opinion in regard this issue. They said it is not fair for those students who prepared during their high school to meet the qualification so they can enter to their college of their choice, in or out of state. They also think undocumented students are illegally here and they are
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