Persuasive Essay On Education In School

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Education is a crucial aspect of people's lives. In the United States and numerous other countries, we are reminded throughout our twelve years of mandatory schooling that we must do well so that we can get into a good college, achieve a degree, and then lead an accomplished and fulfilling career. Despite the fact that this idea is drilled into our heads from a very young age, our system of education does not provide each child with the same amount of support and encouragement. A vast number of black children are penalized for simply wearing their hair in its natural state. There have been numerous instances in which black children are threatened with detention, suspension, and even expulsion if they refused to change their hairstyle into…show more content…
Deanna and Mya Cook are two adopted twin sisters from Massachusetts who faced similar discrimination for their hairstyles. The twin girls went to school with freshly done box braids and were told that their new style did not coincide with their school’s dress code. These girls faced several harsh punishments like being unable to attend prom, being unable to attend their graduation, and the twins were even told that they would be thrown out of school if they did not change their hair. When an eight-year-old third-grader wore her hair styled in a “frohawk”, a popular style that combines an afro and a mohawk, for school at Tarver Elementary in Belton, Texas she was pulled out of class. The school’s justification for this decision was by alleging that the eight-year-old girl’s hairstyle was not in accordance with the school’s dress code policy, however, mohawks, the exact same style sans the afro-textured hair, is allowed.
The testimonies of these girls and their parents are obvious acts of resistance. Their stories made headlines and people across the country know who they are and how they were wronged. Rather than enduring the unjust punishments and accepting their circumstances they spoke up. They used their voices and projected them loudly through social media. They were able to utilize their platforms so that they oppose the prejudice.
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