Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

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Consuming energy drinks can be very addicting as if any person were to imbibe on drugs. In this age group, energy drinks are very common and popular where young minors quaff these types of drinks consequential, where their lives have been affected by the fault of this beverage. Nowadays numerous of young American’s lives are being pretentious due to this liquid refreshment. People should be able to forbid these energy drinks and to decrease the death rate of youths. Overall, these effective drinks should be prohibited from minors because consumer’s lives can be permanently affected where it can lead to behavioral disorders, health issues, or either death. What are Energy Drinks?
Energy drinks are a type of beverage where it contains high caffeine as much from eighty to over five hundred milligrams, taurine, sugars, B vitamins, guarana, and more that can affect any consumer’s body. These types of beverages are well-known and popular from around the United States especially, from one hundred four other countries. Energy drinks are more likely to be promoted as a type of product that can increase the physical and mental performance of an individual where it causes them to enhance their beating of heart rate, behavioral disorders, diabetes, obesity, poor dental health, nausea including vomiting and in some other cases death. This beverage has targeted many American young teens and young adults at the age of eighteen through thirty four and between twelve through seventeen

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