Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks were first invented in Japan in the1960’s and were introduced by a company called Taisho. The company introduced the energy drink Lipovitan D and it was a legal energized tonic sold in minibar sized bottles. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the vitamin fortified and extra caffeinated drink was consumed by the japanese executives that were trying to get ahead in their work. The popularity of the drink reached the United States; but it wasn’t introduced until 1997 under the name Red Bull. Since then people, in the United States have been consuming this highly sugary and caffeinated drink to keep up with the daily work this country demands. At first this energy drink was intended for the use of athletes that needed to keep up to their optimum performance, but then it derived to the general public. Red Bull was not only been consumed by adults, but the drink also found its way to young adults and teenagers. Consequently, there have been cases where teenagers have ended up in the hospital because of the effects of consuming energy drinks without moderation. In worst case scenarios the consumption of energy drinks has even been linked with death. It is without a doubt that the Food and Drug Administration should revise who buys and consumes such products as to avoid medical issues and death rates that are connected to energized drinks. Therefore, as to reduce casualties with the consumption of energy drinks, an age requirement regulation should be implement

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