Persuasive Essay On Environmental Issues

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There are various controversial topics that influence our lives every day. Environmental issues as a whole have been pushed down and are rarely publicized. The issue of deforestation is a huge environmental problem that I do not often hear about on the news or in my day to day life. Most of what I know about the topic is from reading science textbooks. I understand what deforestation means, and I understand that it largely affects the world today, and more specifically affects climate change, however I have never heard current news on this subject. Deforestation is the clearing away of a large area of trees. I know that deforestation plays a role in the decrease of biodiversity and affects the climate and environment of the earth as a whole. Three sources that could lead to more information about this topic include social media sites, a news outlet, and a scientific article. Social media cites, such as Facebook, can influence our understanding of deforestation. As we are scrolling through our Facebook pages, the posts that we see and read affect our understanding of a subject. I had to look up posts about deforestation on Facebook because no one I know posts about this topic, and hardly anyone seems to care about this subject in America. There were a few posts from the Facebook pages of news sources, like CNN, and a few environmental groups such as the Environmental Defense Fund with posts, but not many everyday people. One person had a post about how carbon dioxide is
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