Environmental Pollution In The US Today

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Earth, home to the beauty of blue skies and clear waters, and bearer of each delicate life form, from the moss floating atop rivers, to the lions that prowl the mesa deserts; however, Earth is also home to the most destructive life form, humans. People reap the fruit of the Earth and bask in the beauty of nature, yet for generations, the efforts to protect the environment have only declined. The pollution that is wrought upon the environment every day is too often ignored for “more important” issues, such as poverty or crime; however, protecting the literal soil that people dwell on is just as vital as patrolling the society in which they live. Environmental pollution is a growing issue in the U.S. today, caused primarily by the lack of public concern or caution, harmful chemicals used by manufacturers and farmers, and lack of government enforcement or intervention. To begin with, the energy wasted out of pure negligence while performing daily tasks and activities wreaks havoc on the environment, greatly contributing to this issue. Fortunately, more often than not, excessive waste can easily be avoided altogether by being conscious of what is necessary, and what’s just luxury. However, the extra couple of seconds that it takes to flip off a light switch or turn down a faucet often proves to be too inconvenient of a task for many individuals. By far, unnecessary use of electricity is the biggest energy waster among the general population. While one may believe they don’t
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