Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Ever since you were little, your Meemaw has been your best friend. She’s been there for you, at every football game, graduation, plus even there before you made your way into the limo to go to prom. She tells you “I love you, sugarplum” every chance she gets. Your life was perfect with her around. One day Meemaw had a fall. She shattered both hips as a consequence the doctors said there was no way to do the surgery without risking her life. Meemaw didn’t want to take that chance. There were only two options left. Should Meemaw be put on morphine, therefore, be barely conscious until it’s her time to pass, but not give up on her life? Keep hope alive. Or does Meemaw throw away her life together with following through with assisted suicide? Cheating God’s will in addition to skipping out on the most important part of life. Meemaw deserves to live as long as she can no matter her condition. Life is precious, so it should be cherished as well as appreciated while it lasts.
Euthanasia (physician-assisted suicide) put terminally ill, children, in addition to disabled people out of their pain and suffering (Euthanasia, 2017). Many believe the euthanasia is immoral due to the fact that it makes the value of life go away. Dying is a part of life that can’t be opted out of. No one should have the right to decide when they want to die, that is not how life works. Terminally ill, children, as well as the disabled, should not be treated like they are another expense because they are

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