Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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The practice of euthanasia is not a new concept to civilized societies. Because of mankind’s desire to be empathetic to their fellow man, euthanasia is a practice that support humane acts that are compassionate. Over the past ten years, globally there has been a rise concerning the arguments of euthanasia and what benefits this act provide to the terminally ill. Because of the increase in being able to prolong life, issues like euthanasia has come to the forefront of when and where a person chooses to end their life. The introduction of palliative care, euthanasia is now considered a by-product of the many advances of health care to prolong life. Palliative care focuses on providing humane relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. In terminal situations patients are denied by legislation the choice of euthanasia as a remedy for their situation. Many of the laws to deny the right to choose euthanasia is backed by religious and philosophical institutions that offer rhetoric as a premise on why euthanasia should not be allowed as an accepted medical practice. Because of this social block concerning euthanasia, there is a limitation for the ability for the terminally ill that are non-responsive to palliative care to choice death in a dignified manner. Scholars and philosophers are working with the medical community to find a reasonable accepted form of euthanasia that will align with social acceptance. There are many articles that support or refute the use of

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