Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Living with an incurable disease such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) can have a detrimental effect on someone’s life and others around them. Euthanasia allows them to die with their dignity still intact. Also, if it is not legal in one’s country, there are other ways they can go through with the procedure. In the end, it should rightfully be the choice of the patient, as it is their own body. So instead of waiting painfully and blind for the day an incurable disease takes your life, euthanasia allows patients to leave on their own and peaceful terms. If euthanasia is not legal , people will still find a way to do it. They may illegally do it, or travel to a country that allows it. The government must legalize it so they are able to set regulations and restrictions. Euthanasia is legal in some countries and it is possible for foreigners in these countries to have access to it. People in France, where euthanasia is legal, travel to their neighbor country Belgium to end their suffering. Olivier Vermylen, an emergency doctor at a Brussels hospital says, “ Nowadays I get phone calls about French people who arrived in the emergency room announcing they want euthanasia.” This is very unethical for the France government because their citizens are travelling to a different country to fulfil their believed right to euthanasia. If it is legalized, euthanasia can be regulated so that people who are not terminally ill cannot receive the treatment. In Canada on June 17th, 2016,
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