Persuasive Essay On Evolution

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An argument that has been fought over for years can be solved with a little research. So does the theory of evolution make sense or should creation be taken into consideration. Looking at nature and life is amazing, everything has so many interacte details but not all people view it the same, some people still believe in the theory of evolution or “apes to humans”. One example many people think of when hearing the word evolution is apes, evolution claims that apes evolved into humans. If that were true then why are there still apes on the planet earth today? Also, a big difference in human to ape intelligence can easily be seen. Humans are much more civilized than apes, nobody would say that apes were smarter or equal to human smarts. Humans have feelings and can express their emotions whereas chimps don't feel love or hate or sadness. “However, I read that only humans speak, laugh, cry, ...fall in love, and believe in God” (Bekoff). If apes and humans were that closely related then how come humans don't give birth to baby chimps. This theory of theirs doesn’t really all add up, does it. Although evolution should just be one common idea among people it isn’t. Looking at what different scientists say regarding evolution it becomes clear that not everyone has the same general idea of what evolution is. According to David Masci a writer for the Pew Research Center, “only two-thirds (66%) of Americans overall perceive that scientists generally agree about
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