Persuasive Essay On Family Farm

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What is the main problem in our world today? Some people may say war or the racism going on in our world but really the main problem is the need for food. Everybody likes eating, not just because it's a hobby but because we need food to survive. The population of this world is increasing drastically and soon enough by the year of 2050 the population will be nine billion. That is a lot of mouths to feed. Our country can battle this sharp increase by developing GMO’s. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms which can increase the production or yield of a plant drastically. These genetically modified plants can range from an ear of corn to plump apple on a tree. Some people may think though that GMO’s are deadly and that going a more organic pathaway is much safer. In reality though, GMO’s are just as safe as organic products and even produce double the amount. The key on feeding this monstrous growth in population would be leaving organic in the past. Let's go back to the foundation of our country, the family farm. The farm is a bright sunny place that raises the food we eat today. Now how does GMO’s relate to the simple family farm? Well for one the farm is the beginning process of getting the bread on your sandwich or the cereal you eat for breakfast. What do we do to produce this piece of bread or develop the simple bowl of cereal? Well for starters farmers raise genetically modified crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, and many others. Some of these grains can
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