Persuasive Essay On Fandom

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Megan Gilbert
English 101
Mr. Rintala
25 April 2017 Fandoms a Home to Many When one hears the word “fan” two mental images pop up, one being a grown man dressed up in a costume, or two a preteen young girl who has posters of Justin Bieber all over her room. However, not all fans are like, although the mass majority are neither of those two images of people. I believe that the word “fan” and “fandom” has turned into something negative. Most people believe that fandom are for those who are nerds and do not have a life outside of what they are obsessed with. I believe that those who are not in a fandom right now, join one. Fandoms create a sense of belonging, community, and comfort. When one joins a fandom, they will feel a sense of belonging,
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According to Dyamon Howell in an article produced by (“The Mycenaean”) newspaper, she claims that “recently, a troll group of anti-beliebers took to twitter to poke fun at the fanbase by starting a campaign called ‘Operation: Cut for Bieber” with the faux purpose of getting Justin Bieber to stop smoking marijuana.” As one can see many of these teens ended up cutting themselves. By doing this, their mental health clearly was not ok, and instead of asking for help they feel for those trolls on the webs, and ended up doing damage not only to their mental health but to their bodies. This also gave a bad image to those who are fans of bands and artist. It showed how obsessive fandoms can really be, that some fans would stoop to that level. Of course, the media had a bad view on…show more content…
In fact, recently we had lost one of members due to a suicide. Her name was Ven, she was a part of the Rhett and Link Kommunity (yes it is really spelled this way.) Every month we have people nominated for mythical beast of the month, and we, the community nominated her for reembrace. The two guys who are the head of the community even put the suicide hotline out on the webs, just in case if others needed it too. They wanted everyone to feel like they were not alone. Our fandom also does a lot of charity work, every time the Wheel of Mythically lands on, Gifticalilty, a spot, they donate a 1,000 dollars to whatever charity they choose. They also sell merchandise like shirt and all the proceeds go to the charity directly. “Join us I donating to the National Alliance to End Homelessness at www.endhomeless.ord. Every donation goes toward assisting in their mission to help communities develop project & policies that will lead to the end of homelessness.” This is in all of the episode previously on Good Mythical
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