Persuasive Essay On Fast Food

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Do you make the right and healthy choice when it comes to choosing what you are going to eat? Do you think fast food restaurants are a problem in the United States? There are nearly five hundred thousand fast food restaurants across the world, and nearly fifty thousand different food chains just in the United States alone. The reason we have all of these fast food restaurants is to help people grab something quick to eat without becoming bankrupt. Stopping at a fast food joint can be extremely beneficial for those who are crunched for time, but is eating at a fast food place really with it? People should eat out less because eating out too often is causing more and more Americans to become overweight when they could be eating healthier homemade meals instead. I believe that eating homemade meals more and eating out at fast food restaurants less would really helpful in lowering the obesity rate in the United States. It is extremely important that the obesity rate be lowered in the United States. America is already one of the most obese countries in the entire world. It is going to be hard to change that if people keep eating at fast food restaurants. So what exactly is a fast food restaurant? A fast food place can be defined as a restaurant that serves food such as hamburgers, pizza, or fried chicken, that is prepared in quantity by a standardized method and can be dispensed quickly and inexpensively. Many people stop at these places to grab something quick to eat, and

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