Persuasive Essay On Fatherless Children

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“Fifteen million American children, one quarter of the population under 18, are growing up today without fathers” (Davidson). Fifteen million American children are deprived the opportunity of having a father. Little do these deprived children know, they each will grow up with issues that challenge them every single day - issues that are impossible to control. Children do not deserve to be abandoned by someone who holds a part of them, but men all over the world leave their child fatherless. As one of those affected children, I entirely understand the feeling. Fatherless children become susceptible to a life full of hardships. Depression, low self-esteem, aggression, drug usage, and poor grades are common issues among fatherless children.…show more content…
The number of children who are forced to grow up without a father increases readily as the years pass. In fact, “Father absence is over twice as common as it was a generation ago, with no relief on the horizon” (Davidson). In order to understand the probable outcomes of fatherless children, one must first understand the meaning of father absence. According to article titled “Father absence and gendered traits in sons and daughters,” father absence can be described as “non-residence of a child’s biological father for some or all of their childhood.” Due to the fact that men leave their children, psychological complications evolve. Absence produces negative aspects of a child's life. The toll taken by a child of father absence remains throughout life. An unstable father figure results in psychological troubles such as: lower IQs, higher rates of mental illness, acts of violence, and little self-control (Davidson). Furthermore, fatherless children struggle with the likelihood of teen pregnancy and divorce, high dropout rates, rate of sexual maturation, and more. In most cases, girls become victims of the stated troubles of father absence, but regardless of gender, all children desire unconditional love from a father figure. Furthermore, father absence continues to be an epidemic in the world. In order to prove the outcomes of paternal absence, several institutions have done studies that prove negative
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