Persuasive Essay On Fitting In

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Society today makes everyone want to fit in. The shoes, the hair, the technology, and the clothes. With J.O.C., a new popular teen clothing line, fitting in can be easy. Here’s how we do it… Everyone wants to fit in, and with our clothes, you will. We used techniques such as the Snob Appeal, the Be Like Them Appeal, and the Stereotype appeal. Using the Snob Appeal implies that if you buy our clothing you will become popular, and gain major social status. In the ad, our slogan was ‘because who doesn’t want to gain social status’. Saying this very clearly implied you will gain social status with our clothes. The next appeal we used was the Be Like Them Appeal, once again saying that buying our clothes will make you become like all of your friends, and be part of the popular crowd. The next appeal we used was the stereotype appeal. That all of the people who wear this clothing are cool, popular people. Our ad was geared to a very small demographic, Girls and Boys ages 13-17, more specifically Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Most High Schoolers all want to fit in and a good way to do it is with what they wear. This line, though isn’t just geared towards teenagers that want to be popular, but teenagers that are already popular. Our clothing is also very affordable because teenagers don’t have tons of money to spend on expensive…show more content…
Throughout the ad we have us modeling the clothes at a dock on the water, at a clubhouse, and at a golf course. All of these are nice, high-end, locations and they add to the use of the snob appeal. A big use was the music throughout the video. The song was called, Upgrade U. During this song, it talks about upgrading yourself and other people. It basically said everything we were trying to get the audience to hear.This song went really well with our ad because the point we were trying to get across was that with our clothing you can easily upgrade yourself, and become
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