How To Write A Fog Harvesting Essay

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Water is the biggest necessity for all humans to have on this earth. Every person needs water in their body to be able to live. Other than drinking, water has many more uses that people take advantage of. It is used for cooling machinery, it can be used as a source of power, to water crops, and much more. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to a stable water source. Right now, several states such as California, Nevada, and Oregon have severe drought. Many people are unable to use a toilet because they don’t have the amount of water needed to flush it. In fact, 1.6 million people in America don’t have any sort of access to indoor plumbing at all.. Seeing how big of a problem it is, many states have already taken action through various methods to obtain more water. More operations have begun to obtain more water from different sources, and many states have employed methods to clean dirty water and give it to the people. Despite these efforts, the reality is that there are still too many people without access to water, and the level of drought that some of our states have is too much. There is one method that has been used within a minor scale in some other countries that requires some more attention, which is called fog harvesting. Fog harvesting is a method that should be used much more in areas that lack water because it is environmentally friendly, is easy to construct, requires no constant attention or care, and it simply provides a great amount of water. As shown
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