Persuasive Essay On Food

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Hunger is one of the key issues on the planet today. Not simply in small portions of the world, but rather everywhere. Americans today depend on our food system and take the amount of food we have for granted. What Americans aren’t understanding, is that every piece of food we discard, a child is starving elsewhere. Not only are we wasting the food we buy, but 40 percent is just going to squander. Newsweek, Bonnie Tsui, magazine publisher says, “Forty percent of all food is never eaten, and this rejection of “ugly food”—the misshapen or imperfect produce that gets thrown out before it ever hits the supermarket display—is a major contributor to food waste.” Americans have excessively numerous choices when it comes to picking out their produce. If it doesn't look clean enough, they choose another one. America wastes a ton of/ food every day, instead of focusing on which produce looks better to eat, we should be focusing on cutting down the amount of food we waste and saving money. Will our issue with food waste ever change? What is a solution to changing the amount of food we waste a year? School’s today are instructing kids that it is okay to dispose any leftover food we don’t finish. Jonathan Bloom an author of American Wasteland and creator of the blog “Food Tank” says, “ Every day, we’re teaching kids that food is trash. We ensure that they throw it away by providing support grub in a rushed lunch period at times of the day when they won’t be hungry.” Kids are beginning

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