Persuasive Essay On Food Stamps

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Billions, that’s how much money is being spent every year for food stamps alone. Billions could be spent on college or getting people out of abusive relationships or saving us from the crippling debt that we as Americans are facing. Rather , we are buying unhealthy people pop , candy, and cigarettes. Food stamp regulations should be stricter in order to prevent abuse of the system, decrease the obesity rate, and encourage people to obtain legal employment so that they no longer need food stamps ,despite the claim that some people “need” food stamps. Some people are raising three babies ,trying to be full time students ,and work a full time job.Others are sixty eight and can’t work. I understand that some people do need the assistance , but where do we draw the line? What kind of food are these people buying? Celery and chicken breasts or soda and freezer meals? “ If people are eligible , it’s the government's fault”, states Adam Sylvain. The Five Reasons or Food Stamps says “Children are the biggest food stamps benefactor”. So much of what people think is going on, isn’t or they just don’t see the real issues. Let’s get this whole conversation started with the overlapping of programs. Based off of the information found on the USDA ( US Department of Agriculture) ,people who receive food stamps make an average of six hundred and forty nine dollars a month for a household of two adults a d two children. On top of that, some of the families are also eligible for a program called WIC (Women with Infant Children), this program gives approximately five hundred dollars a month. If a family qualified for both that accumulates to a total of one thousand one hundred and forty nine dollars.If you can not feed a family off of that amount of income, then you must be buying lobster and scallops . On top of that there are other programs to provide financial assistance. As well as many towns having local food pantries that give out food for free. The money that people are getting without earning could be going into many other places. Other forms of abuse of the system include parents receiving money for children that no longer live with them, my mother is a perfect example of this. The New York Times has an article

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