Persuasive Essay On Fossil Fuels

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According to the World Bank Data, 93% of the world’s energy resources is supplied by fossil fuels.

One of the problems is that fossil fuels are non-renewable. They are limited in supply and will one day be depleted.

Fossil fuels are formed from plants and animals that lived hundreds of million of years ago died and were gradually buried by layers of rock.

Fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. Oil powers most of the transportation sector. Coal and natural gas power most of our electricity. At the rate of our consumption, these fuels cannot occur fast enough to meet our current of future energy demands.

Now, in the first couple decades of the 21st century, in order to sustain our dependence on fossil fuels we’re going to very risky, very extreme new sources. You see this, in things like mountain top removal for coal, fracking for natural gas, offshore drilling for oil, and the tar sands, which is the most devastating form of producing fossil fuels. They take away massive forests, the water in the streams, and rivers is poisoned. It has severe impacts on the wildlife, on native communities, and it requires a huge amount of energy to simply get it to our fuel tanks.

All our modes of transportation, boats, trains, planes, cars, the way we produce our food, the way we build our cities, almost everything we do releases carbon dioxide and that leads to climate change. The polar ice caps will melt, the seas will start to rise, there will be more dangerous weather
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