Persuasive Essay On Foster Care

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Creating an action plan to help Canadian families affected by the particular issue of the foster care system and how to improve it. When beginning to set this policy it is important to look at the facts to be able to assess the issues that need to be changed. The main focus of what needs to be changed: the way the public views foster care and educating them, the people who foster children and the help that children in foster care are receiving. The public has stereotypical views on the foster care system, Statistically, for every 1,000 children in Canada, 9.2 of them are in foster care. Not every one of those kids is a “bad” kid, stereotypes that the child is bound to end up a delinquent or with a rough life is making children who are unfortunately a part of the system feel less than; or have low self esteem and find it hard to open up to people on the outside in fear of their views. This is what the policy is going to change, it is important to have a system that is able to change views by educating people on the positives of foster care and that every child in it is not the same. Secondly, the people who foster children- while few are people who genuinely care about the misfortunes of the children and want to reach out by giving love and support and opening their homes to foster children, many fostering parents/families are just looking to receive more money from the government for having more children in their care and at the time of their 18th birthday the fostering

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