Persuasive Essay On Fracking

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The Fracking Problem

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” This is a quote by Terri Swearingen and it perfectly sums up what humans are doing to planet Earth. There are many poisonous effects taking place on the planet but one of the worst that is happening right now is hydraulic fracturing. So what is hydraulic fracturing? What is it really doing to our planet? Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” can be broken down into pretty simple statement; It is where the liquid is injected into subterranean rocks at a very high pressure which forces open existing pockets of natural gas and oil which is extracted out. Even the definition makes it sound harmful, and it really affecting our planet in a negative way. I fully support banning fracking due to the harmful impacts it has on our planets including on the limited freshwater supply that we have left as well the gases that are emitted out into our atmosphere and these are just a few of the extensive problems fracking leads to. Fracking not only affects our environment and atmosphere though, it also contains highly toxic chemical compounds, like carbon disulfide which causes irreversible brain damage. If we do not ban or at the very least halt fracking, it could have substantial effects on the future of not only our planet but everyone living on it. Now you may be asking yourself; how did all of this start? How could this have gone so far? The technique of modern fracking is taken from hydraulic

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