Persuasive Essay On Freedom And Privacy

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We live in a world of ever growing technology. A world more connected than ever before in human history and no one saw it coming even a few decades ago. In that short time, we have seen a world more connected, one where everyone can know nearly anything about anyone and everything. It also means that there is more potential for someone to be watching us at almost all times without our knowing. This can be done through the internet or through what most usually think of when thinking of surveillance, cameras. Surveillance can be done by anyone who truly wants to do it. It is usually done by big internet corporations like Google, for example, who collects the data of their users all the time and by governments. In this essay, I’ll be focusing on the United States government’s use of surveillance through cameras, their collection of data of the very people they are meant to serve and how that poses a great threat to individual freedom and privacy. In 2013, Edward Snowden, who some view as a patriot and others a traitor, exposed the world exactly what was going on in the United States. The National Security Agency or NSA had been tapping phones, collecting data and watching the citizens of the United States as well as people around the world, including heads of states of US allies like Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The NSA, however, isn’t the first instance of US government surveillance, all it did was make the world aware of what was really going on in the United States
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