Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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We as United States citizens have become too sensitive to the negativity that has been put upon us. In today's world people are going to be offended and there are things that should offend us. My point is not that it’s alright to offend people; offending someone on purpose is just wrong. However to seek to ban the offensive opinions of others is an assault on freedom of speech and freedom of thought. This belief has disrupted our education process, made us lose our sense of security, and it’s killing the american dream. Political correctness has in some ways leveled the playing field in schools. Is this a good thing? Your high performers have to take it down a notch so everyone can be included. It diminishes team performance and doesn’t…show more content…
Instead of taking notes on the class work Carol had taken notes of how John was interacting with her. She had claimed in her notes “The twelfth: “Have a good day, dear” and another instance she noted that John said “Now, don’t you look fetching”. These are quotes that Carol had twisted from John’s mouth, he wanted to make a connection with her so that it would help her understand the class subject but instead of absorbing the education she had decided to find ways to manipulate John and her interactions to show how he had more power than she did. She wanted to prove that it was not ok for him to have this power. She did this under no good reason also, she did this because her group told her too and they thought that male teachers had too much power. College students have the opportunities the recieve an education and live the american dream not to take power away from their superiors. The American dream is the idea that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. America is more than just a country. It’s an idea our founding fathers had years ago. A place where greatness and leadership is invaluable to our way of life. Sometimes ideas need to be said. Yes some will find them offensive, but if the person saying them truly believes it is what is best for us as a nation. Then say it!! Nothing is more hurtful
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