Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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The NFL protest is a silent protest to police brutality and institutional racism. In Between the World and Me, Coates brings attention to institutional racism and police brutality. They are both extremely common in America. The NFL protest is an act of patriotism and brings awareness to institutional racism, but some Americans find it disrespectful to the national anthem. The NFL protest is due to professional athletes who silently protest during the national anthem. The athletes kneel during the singing of the national anthem instead of standing. They do this to show they are not happy with how America is at the moment. They are not happy with the Racism that America is said to be full of. The athletes use a form of freedom of…show more content…
Not just because it flagrantly insults the concept of liberty that true patriotism embraces, but also because his focus threatens to turn standing for the national anthem into a partisan act.” (Zorn). Trump has turned the protest into a major issue because he says it is unpatriotic, but it is a vast form of patriotism. The athletes are protesting because they do not like how America is, but some cannot get over the “disrespect” to the flag. In “National anthem protests are about racism, not patriotism,” Scanlon states, “For them, America has not been well. For them, the flag stands for institutionalized racism and the obstacles they face for something as arbitrary as the color of their skin. Colin Kaepernick, the player who began the movement last year, even decided to take a knee instead of sitting after a conversation with a veteran last year. There is nothing more these players could have done to make it clear that kneeling is a way for them to bring light to issues and generate a discussion, not show disrespect for the military” (Scanlon). The athletes kneel to make a major statement and brings light to racism. Although some (including the president) find the protest disrespectful, the athletes are making a large patriotic statement. The athletes use patriotism in a form of freedom of speech for how institutional racism is still active in the U.S. The athletes use freedom of speech by
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