Persuasive Essay On Gay Adoption

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Isabel Redinger
Miss Windish
English II
8 October 2017
At Least Some Kids will Have a Fashion Sense Unhealthy, immoral, and harmful. What do these words have in common? They don’t describe gay adoption. The common misconceptualization that gay people get to choose their sexuality is false, so why should parents who were born with a different sexuality be scorned for wanting to adopt? Most people agree with the statement that children deserve to live in a home with a loving family rather than be stuck in an orphanage until they’re old enough to live alone. Same sex adoption has success stories, studies, and statistics that back up why it’s a great thing that should be legally allowed. In America, every state is legally obligated to allow LGBT adoption. Even if this is the case, that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to the rules. For example, only fourteen states and Washington D.C. allow second parent adoption. Second parent adoption is where a same sex couple can adopt without being legally married yet. Due to these bans against second parent adoption in place, there are more children being raised in straight single parent households than raised by unmarried gay couples in the United States. There are also less children raised in married LGBT households than in single straight parent households (“LGBT Adoption”). Adoption agencies generally want children to live with a married couple, yet gay couples are still discriminated against compared to single straight
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