Persuasive Essay On Gene Therapy

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I believe that Gene Therapy is essential for living things.Gene therapy is the supplement of a brand new gene to a patient's cells to exchange misplaced genes or genes that have failed or crashed. According to Brandi Rocholl, believes the reason that these people are opposed to gene therapy is because they see it as something foreign and scary. The reason people are scared is because they do not understand the technique. if the people that oppose this technique were ever faced with cancer or a child born with a genetic disease, they would change their views.The benefit of the technique is to give someone that is born with a genetic disease or who establish a type of cancer get the chance to live a normal life. This means giving a person another chance to live a better and normal life it should be enough for the people that oppose this…show more content…
Gene therapy is also a good technique for diseases not researched yet. All of us carry defected genes and may not know it. Gene therapy is a 'medicine" for the future since it can control or eliminate hereditary diseases. This means that Gene Therapy is a good source for our future and will help us prevent diseases that have not been looked at more closely.
An additional reason why we should use Gene Therapy is that the technology that is used on a human to edit them it could also be used on animals. This could help protect species like the Tasmanian devil. According to Gary Roemer, he and others were horrified at the possibility that someone might use gene editing as justification for putting off a species rescue “because we can always solve the problem later.This means that Gene Therapy could also be used on an animal to protect them or to stop them from extinct like other animals that have already been extinct or are close to being
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