Persuasive Essay On Genetically Modified Foods

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Most food we consume on a daily basis are genetically modified, is this safe? Genetic medication is when the cellular structure of a living thing is changed using DNA technology. They put vitamins and minerals in our food so as they tell it, can be more notorious. Have you ever been to McDonalds and bought food but didn’t eat it all? So you left in the fridge, it never seems to go bad. They put so many preservatives in it that it doesn’t really good bad at all. But what does that do to our bodies? They add much more than just minerals and vitamins. A good aspect of this is, many vegetables are modified to grow bigger and healthier so that we have an abundance of it, and also it’s better for you to eat.

Genetically modified food like many believe, is messing up the natural balance of things. But it’s given farmers markets a better chance at business. It helps the farmers grow bigger and healthier food that not only looks more appealing but it also has more nutritional value. Most people would consider this an improvement but some don’t see it that way, a lot of these so called “improvements” are very hazardous to the human body. Genes typically transfer from the GM foods to the cells in the body, or the bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract would be a great cause for concern if the
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There was testing recently done about how eating fast food can preserve your body long after you have become deceased and are buried. The body could take up to years for it to finally start to decay, all due to the amount of preservatives that are placed in the daily food that we eat on regular biases. For example, McDonalds burgers don’t seem to go bad they could be left in the fridge for weeks and you could eat it as if you bought it yesterday. This goes to prove that genetic modifications are making the food last longer but it may have the opposite effect on our
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