Persuasive Essay On Gentrification

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Imagine this. New age travelers make their way into your neighborhood. The activity starts small. A recycling bin here a coffee shop there, then suddenly and without warning your neighborhood explodes into a frenzy of improved safety, restored homes, and higher rents (John Buntin). There must be a name for this strange and unusual phenomenon. Gentrification! Many people detail gentrification as though it's a horror film, but is it really that bad? While some people may hate it they sure do love to make fun of it, and with the recent rise in comedic takes on this buzz word, Gentrification has had a bigger platform than ever. Popular shows such as shameless, Kimmy Schmidt, and even Sesame street all have something to say. So what is Gentrification, Where did it come from, and should we the people be for or against it. First, let's start with what gentrification is. Google defines it as “the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste”, but the image Gentrification usually evokes when brought into discussion is hipsters moving into a run-down but charming neighborhood and transforming it into something completely different. What is a hipster? Some may call them the fairy godmothers of the once neglected area, and others may refer to them as the monsters that are displacing families to make an artisan beard oil shop, but we’ll touch on that later. So now that you know what it is let's learn where it came from.
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