Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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Our planet has faced some difficult times being billions of years old. Today, it’s facing an epidemic that has been addressed to the public numerous times in a myriad of ways though has not been taken seriously—Global Warming. Global warming occurs due to the increase in temperature in the atmosphere by human practices by burning fossil fuels and the emission of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. To help combat against global warming we have many options to resort to for clean energy sources such as water and wind energy. However, there is one energy source in particular that is infinite in abundance for the entire planet to live off of; solar energy. With the constant use of fossil fuels in play with no strategic approach into transitioning to a more renewable source of clean energy such as solar energy, we will continue to kill the life that thrives our home and our home itself. There needs to be a higher ratio of solar energy industry to offset the use of fossil fuels to help combat global warming. Using the power harnessed from the sun doesn’t pollute—has no greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, solar energy can create millions of jobs and increasing our economy offsetting the by coal industry funds, and lastly promoting more uses of solar energy could potentially cause a snowball effect—eventually everyone will want to hop on the trend that boosts the economy!
Global warming, also known as climate change is an increase in temperature of the
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