Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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Throughout the course of history, some people have searched for answers to, “Why is the earth’s temperature increasing?” Daily activities such as the supply of food and the creation of institutions have caused major issues to arise that have put people and animals at risk. Global warming, being the most critical issue due to the changes in our environment, wildlife, and human life, has to be altered to help save the human and animal race on our planet. Global Warming has been an issue for several years with people constantly disagreeing, as to whether this term exists. However, what people don’t realize is that time is crucial when dealing with Global Warming. Therefore, the fewer time people focus on who is correct over this matter, the faster this issue can be controlled. In order to prevent this issue from harming the Earth, we have to understand what Global Warming is. Global Warming is an issue involving the Earth’s temperature constantly increasing over the years. This concern is caused by something known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect has a series of steps, in order to complete the process. These effects start with one of the greatest sources of heat energy known as the Sun. The Sun as some people know produces heat energy into our galaxy through radiation. The relationship between the Sun and the Earth’s heat transfer is similar to the relationship between light and a mirror. As the sun transfers heat energy into our galaxy the Earth absorbs

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