Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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One can say that Global Warming is perhaps one of the most controversial topic of debate in our time. Some say that it’s a hoax started by China, while others say it is the greatest challenge facing our planet. However, The truth is that Global Warming is real. It is an inconvenient truth. Denying it won't make it wrong ( fixed). We can’t run away from it, but we can prevent exacerbating it . Change needs to happen fast ( and to do that we should act fast), and ( that means ) now. If not, the world will be difficult place to live in. In America the problem with climate change is the way it is presented to the people. ( the way it is presented to the American people is not feasible to many) For instance telling them that the planet is getting warmer 1 degree Celsius every 100 years is such as vague presentation that many won’t grasp.The usual images of ice caps melting, and a lonely polar bear on a block of ice peddling through the ocean, seem so distant to the average American. So why should the average American care?. In simple words, because America is on Planet Earth. America is the most powerful country in the world. The world's people look to America to lead the way. If the world sees America taking action, they will follow suit. We have the power to save us from ourselves. The world as we know it now won't be the same much longer.The fight for our survival has begun and we are losing. The American people are affected by climate change in far-reaching ways. Extreme

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