Persuasive Essay On Gm Foods

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Genetically Modified foods are food that's DNA has been artificially alternated. DNA is the information stored in the cells of any organism that determines the characteristics of that organism are changed to get the name GMO. bio technology is the application of scientist technology to modify and impulse plants, animals, and microorganisms to enhance the value.many other terms are in popular use to describe these aspects of today's biology. GMO foods enhanced a crop protection because a protein is made to kill certain insects when they feed on the plants. This advancement increases crop protection so more crops will live. There has also been improvements to the food process as well as the stock the markets. the more products grown the lower the value because the super markets will began to become to get overwhelmed with food item. At The rate these genetically modified plants are growing, so is the controversy. many people as well as scientist from an " genetically modified salmon article," believe that company's should not be allowed to farm or sell the salmon until we know more possible effects it could have on the environment and on human health. But a company named AquaBounty Technologies and the FDA believes that the salmon is safe to eat and would have "no significant in pact. These…show more content…
some country's require manufacturing labels to say on the label whether a product contains GM ingredients or not, but this GMO process is sort of like an act taking away the freedom to get the knowledge of that we put in our body's. As for the environment and the natural ecosystem the government doesn't even know if these products can be harmful to us according to the Eco-justice group. If the government had all the facts and knowledge about these products people as well as me could conjure up an different
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