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Labeled GMO is a genetically modified organism a gene that is altered to affect the plant or fruit. GMOs you’re probably eating and don't even know it , it's widely used and most least understood..GMOs are still up for debate if they are harmfully or not.In the U.S, the government has approved GMOs based on studies conducted by the same corporations that created them and profit from their sales. GMOs should be Banned and should be researched on due to misleading information about the topic. Most people have no clue what a GMO is. The very First GMO ever to be created was in 1973 from bacteria. Over time GMOs have made their way into our food supply. GMOs have been around since it was first introduced to soybeans in 1999, now about 89% of soybeans are genetically modified along with 80% of cotton and 61% of Corn in 2006. Today more than 80% of processed food is or have a GMO ingredient.GMOs are not used to Enhanced Health or nutrition GMOs are to make the plants herbicide tolerance and bug tolerance. Growing evidence has connects gmos with health problems environmental damage Major research on GMO is…show more content…
But with all the bans GMOs still find a way in other countries due to imports from other countries that don't have no limit on GMOs. Another Factor is that GMO Poses danger to the environment. Perhaps the biggest danger to the environment is “Genetic pollution” Which occurs when an Engineered gene enters another species of crop or wild plant through natural cross pollination. This will alter all the Original genetics of all plants. Thus causing Plants species to go into extinction. And with the extinction of a plant will cause the an imbalance in the food chain eventually will cause other species to go

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