Persuasive Essay On Going To College

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For many, going to college is a huge decision that is thought upon throughout nearly ones entire life. During the course of one’s life, the question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and whether one might be planning on attending a university, is a very drawn out debate and topic for children as young as the age of four or five. In due course that same question that was once so easy to answer now turns into a debate of what college one might attend. Considering that I am facing that same question myself right now, adds a lot of stress and apprehension that was not once there. Planning on going to college can be a very tough choice to make. Countless individuals believe that planning on going to college could possibly decide one’s future. There are many pros and cons of going to college, innumerable individuals believe that getting a college education is not worth the price based on the value of the education that may be received, while others believe that college is a very necessary thing in deciding a future and worth. Personally, I believe that the value of a college education is worth the price because it is so beneficial and plays such a huge role in deciding what is yet to come. Many people define success differently, I define success as an accomplishment that is made towards a vast objective that has been set for oneself. I believe that to get to my goal and to achieve success, college is the preeminent opportunity. When considering if college is the right
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