Persuasive Essay On Government Privacy

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Government Surveillance The right to privacy has been nothing but smoke and mirrors, an illusion, a false sense of security. In reality there has been no such thing as privacy. Whether society accepts this fact or not depends on their personal opinions. Government Surveillance has become a tool that the leaders of this beautiful country have abused. There has been an old saying that states, “Knowledge is power.” The elite of this nation have allowed the government too much leniency when it comes to privacy policies and laws. Government Surveillance has always been unconstitutional, it poisons society, and they abuse their power. Verizon has one hundred and forty-nine million, AT&T has one hundred and twenty-eight million, and T-Mobile has sixty-three million customers as of October 2017. These have been the nation's top three cell phone service providers with more and more subscribing each day. One thing all of these companies has in common has been the presence of a splitter in their network mainframe. A splitter has been defined as, “A device used to split the cable signal if the signal must be sent to two or more areas.” According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), The most significant splitter in network providers is AT&T. A “whistleblower” In the city of San Francisco turned over evidence to the EFF saying that AT&T's facility in San Francisco, which is located at 611 Folsom Street, is in possession of a splitter. This splitter sends complete copies of
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